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Wine Front 50,000 posts competition.

At some stage in the next month or so, we will hit a significant milestone. Aside from 18+ years of online publishing, we will click over 50,000 posts, or reviews, though there are many more reviews than that, given some are for multiple wines. Anyway, given we are 18 now, and somewhat prolific, and increasingly so, we are running a 'guessing competition', and giving a way a dozen wines from our cellars that tracks the 'journey' through the world of wine that we've all been on. Some of you have been here from the start, some of you are new, but we'd like to thank you for the support over the past decade or so. The dozen may include wines from back-in-the-day, blue chips from the likes of Penfolds, Clonakilla, Craiglee, Wendouree, some with significant bottle age, on to more modern icons, such as Tyrrell's 4 Acres Shiraz, Marius, and of course, some Barolo, Barbaresco and Etna, magnificent Chardonnay and aged Semillon, Beaujolais from producers like Foillard, and a few new and natty offerings. In short, it will be a prime case of fantastic booze.

All you need do, is leave a comment below, guessing the date and time of the 50,000th review. First in, and closest, wins the prize. Please stick to one entry, and of course, in the community spirit we have, make some random-arse comments, but just the one comment please! Offer eligible only to residents of Australia. We love our subscribers. We love our wine. Hooray!

Entries close Friday 18th December at 5pm. Offer open to members, wineries, and retailers (and new subscribers). All in.

Thank you.


PS. You can see the current number of posts at the right hand corner of the screen. Currently sitting at 49,361. You can check the monthly count by clicking on the Archives drop down list. That may help....

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