If you are looking for a wine then use the Wine Finder function located on the right side of the menu bar. This presents a list of all wines that meet your selection criteria showing rating (if you’re a subscriber), price and drinking window.

If you want to search for some phrase or keyword embedded in an article (such as brettanomyces) then use the search function located on the far right of the screen. This provides a text based search facility and will show your matches highlighted in yellow.

What’s New?

Using the Digest function keeps you up to date with all recent activity. It currently shows the last 100 articles and wine reviews posted, the last 60 comments and the articles which have been most commented on.

Shopping List/Wish List

Click on the ‘add to My List’ button that appears at the bottom of each post (or ‘remove from My List’ if you have already selected it) to compile a list of wines that interest you. You can review and remove entries by clicking on the My List menu option at the top of the screen. This list is your own, no one else can see it, as it’s linked to your subscriber login.

What’s the quickest way to find my kind of wine?

Use the tags. They’re brilliant. You want to find all the best value wines that we’ve tasted recently? Click on the Top Value tag. You want to find the best Big Reds tasted recently? Or just the best wines full stop? Click on the Big Reds tag, or the Tip Top Tipple tag. Or use the Wine Finder as described above.


Why can’t I see the point rating of a wine? Because it’s only visible to subscribers. And let’s face it, a lot of people are only interested in the scores anyway. Here’s a link to explain how they work (or how we use them).

Why can’t I comment on an article?

You need to be a registered user and current subscriber to do this.

How go I get a little picture next to  my name in the comments?

You need to register a Gravatar. This stands for Globally Recognised Avatar and can be used on many similar internet sites. Register your Gravatar with the email address to which you subscribe to The Wine Front and it will appear shortly after that.

If we’ve reviewed your wine can you see the review?

Of course you can – if you’re a subscriber. The Wine Front is not a free consultancy service (i.e. you provide a wine and we provide a view/review), it’s a subscriber-based wine site for consumers.

Can I reproduce a review from The Wine Front?

A subscription to The Wine Front allows access to all reviews and features. The subscription rate is not a reproduction fee. If you wish to reproduce any information or review from The Wine Front you will need to purchase a trade or retail subscription and observe the terms and conditions presented at the time of purchase.

Other Stuff

More later when I think of it, or when you ask. It’s a start anyway…

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