Tyrrell’s 4 Acres Shiraz 2014

290 dozen. Sold out. And so sorry, but good on them: don’t say you weren’t warned by The Wine Front.

So, something of a rant and a rare op-ed from me here. Last century, you might well hold a wine like Penfolds Grange up to the light as an exemplar of the best qualities of Australian wine. Take the best grapes you can grow, or buy, from all the vineyards that can grow them best. Manipulate and work them in the winery, marry them to the finest American forests via the hot hand of a local cooper. Seal it with the terroir of a Portuguese cork forest, make as many thousand cases as quality will allow: price it as high as you dare. Market it. Brand it using all the power your corporate structure can bring. Take it to the world. Court the wine media to propagate and propel the myth. In this century, the model of Australian wine will be, and I think is, a small vineyard that produces distinctive flavours, year by year. It may be old vines, it may be young, but it will be small and tended by families, raised in the winery with minimal intervention. The oak will be, at worst, a seasoning, at best a structural component. It will be bottled with an inert closure, made in small quantities, and the marketing and branding will be done by the drinkers. Welcome to the 21st century, from vines planted in 1879.

NB: Tyrrell’s Private Bin price was $60.

Amazing disco pants colour. Lavish ripe jubey fruit: raspberry, cranberry of such purity and verity, a dab of spice, aniseed and some chocolate, pinch of dried herb, violets in the air. Tastes like a cross hatch of Shiraz/Grenache/Pinot Noir – but the site is strong in this one. Firm tannin, silky feel, loads of fine chalky tannin, super length – so detailed and magnificent. Violet perfume in the aftertaste, which is something of a signature for warm year 4A. You open it on day one, you get a silhouette of the wine to come. Day two, a sketch. Day three, broad brush strokes of the future. Leave it alone, if you bought some. Let it become legend.  

Rated : 98 Points
Tasted : May-15
Alcohol : 14%
Price : $75
Closure : Screwcap
Drink : 2022 - 2050+
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275 Responses to “Tyrrell’s 4 Acres Shiraz 2014”

  1. Mike Bennie says:

    That op-ed. So good. Sing it from the rooftops. Drop it from the sky. Nail it to the noticeboards. Amen. Brilliant review, in toto.

  2. Filby says:

    Gold Logie and hall of fame in one go.

  3. Jules says:

    So, so good big boy. The rant, and the red. Amen indeed.

  4. Graped says:

    “disco pants colour”… love it!

  5. john pearce says:

    Is this the first 98 point young Australian wine for you GW?

  6. qwertt says:

    How does this compare with the 2007 Gary?

  7. Gylesey says:

    Great rant Gary and fantastic review.
    I’m going to call it early: 100 comments before the end of the weekend and 200+ soon after – you’ve unleashed the beast.

  8. Ben Moroney says:

    Amen, brother.

  9. Rich (uc) says:

    I just burnt the TWE price book I had..

  10. Aaron says:

    Praise the Lord!!

  11. Heady says:

    Was lucky enough to have tried this from foudre…. a dream wine. The stars have aligned.

  12. Dave55 says:

    Just doing a quick search -there have been 98 wines scoring 97 or above on WF, two of which have come from this winery in this vintage (and there are two 96+ wines as well (Vat 1 and OP). That’s pretty exceptional in it’s own right but it’s down right exceptional when you consider that WF have now reviewed 19 Tyrrell’s wines from the ’14 vintage and none received less than 90 and indeed 13 have 94 or more.

    This says something about the quality coming from Tyrrell’s at the moment but it also looks like the vintage is living up to the hype. I suspect that I might end up spending quite a bit on 2014 Hunter reds and whites over the coming few years and … hopefully I live long enough to enjoy them!

  13. Matt Haddock says:

    It’s always a big day on the WF when the Tyrrell’s reviews come around. A great read. Inspired me to open one of their reds this evening. Thanks GW!

    • Jules says:

      Says something to me about wine criticism in Australia, that The Wine Front covers these releases so comprehensively and no one else really does anything at all.

      I’d be interested to hear from ChrisT on whether they get many/any requests from other scribes.

  14. differentdrop says:

    Best thing I’ve read in a long time. Inspirational Gary thank you!

  15. via collins says:

    Has one vintage from one winery ever been loved thus? Hard to check the stats on that, but I bet someone here can crunch those numbers.

    Always been a bloody hard job finding Tyrells wines in Melbourne at all, let alone one cracking these numbers at TWF!

  16. knoxinus says:

    So pissed I wasn’t able to get any of this. Sounds epic!

  17. David Walsh says:

    Bloody hell I need to add a “masterful review” button now.

  18. peter campbell says:

    I’ve still got ten 10 left from 2007. Looking forward to this one 🙂

  19. viewroadwines says:

    not putting anything into a score but this is the best tasting note I have red in a long while and made me put my hand into the cellar and pull out a Tyrrell’s wine.

  20. chris tyrrell says:

    Amazing review, thanks Gary. Disco pants colour, that’s awesome. In answer to Jules, I don’t think I have ever been asked to by a journalist for a bottle of this to review of any vintage. In saying that we don’t do any wholesale at all, it’s strictly members. Gary is a member and pays full odds for his yearly dozen and this started because he wanted a look at a few before purchasing to decide what he wanted to buy and to review on his blog. we always send them to James but the timing isn’t great to get in his book this year, hence will end up in next years book.

    • Jules says:

      I get that not every critic can be all over every wine, but geez, these are significant wines, from a significant producer. I’d have thought there’d be a bit more interest. The wines have no trouble selling out, obviously, but there’s clearly a story to tell here.

  21. johnshumphrey says:

    GW – feels like writing the review was therapeutic for you but you might be off the Penfolds list going forward. I suspect that a lot of people agree with you. Sounds like an extraordinary wine.

  22. Gary Walsh says:

    I don’t care a jot if TWE never send me another wine. But it’s not about ※them※ as such, more a comment on what the future {and the past} of great wine is about. Opinion only. I’m getting more opinionated in my old age, seemingly.

  23. anthony basilone says:

    have no doubt that some people will taste this wine and wonder what all the fuss is about, but it’s not for these people I’m writing, nor am I overly concerned if they think I’m a total flipper. This, after all, is a tiny make of 250 dozen from a distinguished vineyard and is never going to be widely distributed, nor widely understood. I’m absolutely convinced that the quality of this wine is such that in thirty years time, when the roll call of modern Australian classics is read out, the 2007 4 Acres will be spoken of in suitably hushed tones. It’s that sort of wine…and I’m not a greedy man either, and despite my desires, I have restricted myself to a purchase of only one dozen…..

    GW- talking bout the 2007 4 acres –
    He’s been a star for years guys- this intro remains etched in my mind 7 years on
    And the wine is- will be a classic

  24. michael hannagan says:

    This review is a beautiful concept for the future of Australian wine. A beautiful concept for the future of anything really.

  25. johnshumphrey says:

    I didn’t think you would care about TWE folk otherwise you might have framed things differently. You are not alone in Australia in thinking that Burgundy provides a better model for our best wines going forward. Credit to TWE though for their skilful marketing and manipulation of the wine media – the pressure on you guys when you review their wines annually must be immense. The debate about single site wines v multi site {sometimes multi region} wines will go on for ever I think. I really like what David Bicknell is doing with his Chardonnay at Oakridge exploring different sites in the Yarra Valley and as a matter of faith steer away from blends. However, a couple of times at blind tastings I have picked a Yattarna as my top wine – {with a tinge of disappointment when the wines were revealed given my single site bias} – but it has to be acknowledged they were good wines. 3480 bottles with a TWF rating of 98 won’t need marketing from the punters. Keep up the great work.

  26. Grant says:

    Cracker of a review.

  27. simon1980 says:

    Wonderful stuff. I am very happy to have some on the way.

    I did a quick search, and found only 8 other Australian wines have been rated 98 or more on this site (no score creep here!). There were some very big names on the list: ’62 Bin 60A, ’71 and ’76 St Henri, Bin 3110 etc…

    Well done Tyrrells – on both he production of amazing quality wine, but also a sales plan that gets it into the hands of wine lovers for a reasonable price.

  28. Gary Walsh says:

    CM went large on 04 Grange – 99.

  29. john pearce says:

    Whoa. Advance 20 years on time and line ’em up. 04 Grange, 2010 HOG and this. Repeat.

  30. Gary Walsh says:

    I’d have ※this※ any day.
    Been lucky enough to have that 65 Lindies six or so times. It’s an amazing wine. Humbled every time.

  31. Aaron says:

    We shouldn’t forget that TWE does also own Coldstream Hill, Wynns, Devil’s Lair, etc, that are very much regional and very much focus on vineyard quality and expression. Sure, they’re the exception rather than the rule, but they are very good producers. Coldstream, in particular, is up with the best I reckon.

    Also, whilst we may not like what Penfolds (and Grange in particular by extension) has become, we shouldn’t forget its history and its place in Australian fine wine. It was ground breaking at the time and remained so for many years. Yes, it seems a bit archaic now and from a different mould to where the world of wine is now moving, but we should at least respect its past greatness and the vision of Max Schubert. And we should forget the mad hype that the surrounded the 2010 St Henri – c’mon, many of us were wrapped up in that too!

    Having said that, the future for Australia surely has to be finding those sites that give greatest expression to the relevant grape variety. Below $20, I’m happy to go for the consistency that cross vineyard/regional blending can deliver. Over that, and I want to taste uniqueness: the dirt, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the harvest, the pressing, the ferment, the racking and the ageing in barrel. Surely it’s the unique ability of wine to do this that makes it so special (is there any other agricultural good that can claim to capture the vagaries of a season for the ages in the way wine does?).

    • Aaron says:

      “….shouldn’t forget the mad hype” is what I meant!

    • Jules says:

      Many good points there Aaron.

      I’d say though that family companies like Tyrrells often have a distinct advantage over corporations: the willingness to make decisions with the long term in mind. I see this willingness as something that benefits and improves the experience of wine drinkers.

  32. Gary Walsh says:

    Max Schubert was an innovator.

    • Aaron says:

      And I’m not disagreeing with anything you’ve said. But I do think its easy to look back from our current viewpoint and be critical of the past without looking at it from their perspective.

  33. Gary Walsh says:

    Understand. I’m looking at it from now.

  34. fryguy says:

    Its possible that TWE do use their persuasive powers to influence scoring of their wines but what would someone like Robert M Parker have to gain…obviously Grange can’t outperform all other wines with every vintage and for sure its style will be surpassed as trends in wine evolve but looking at the quality it has delivered over time is a fantastic achievement even if owned by a corporation. The poppy maybe tall but she can still taste good regardless…

    • Gary Walsh says:

      A lot of critics rate the wine highly for any or all of the following reasons (recent vintages rated by Lisa Perrotti-Brown, not Parker)

      a) it’s very good
      b) to pin their name atop the mast of the huge marketing drive on release. Brand association/coverage/GLORY.
      c) to curry favour
      d) because they are duped i.e. rate 2008 100 or 99 and put it next to the better 2010 at a Penfolds run tasting – where do you go? Like corralling cattle…
      e) because it’s Grange and an easy mark. No one argues with the score.

      Anyway, they all taste a bit the same to me.

  35. via collins says:

    Yep, that summary point halfway downish was/is definitive. No wonder you went 100 points on it!

  36. TiggerK says:

    It’s certainly a bloody good wine, which stood out for me along with the Johnno’s and Old Patch. But not one wine in the lineup I wouldn’t happily buy/cellar/drink. Of course the rarity of this heightens the pointy hypey hype, but the terroir and deft touch of the winemaking team particularly sings here which I rate highly.

    P.S I mentioned disco pants, Chris was tickled DPC with your descriptor.

  37. TiggerK says:

    Interesting, our bottles had just been opened and Chris said he was looking forward to seeing the differences when showing the 2nd half of the bottle to the next group. Even 1/2 hour in the glass made such a difference to the Johnno’s, I can easily imagine the points going way up on this on Day 2.

  38. Greco-Roman says:

    “It will be…made in small quantities, and the marketing and branding will be done by the drinkers.” I gather then your ‘vision’ entails some sort of little Burgundy down-under with only the wine industry insiders and the likes getting info on which private member’s club wines from the ‘elite’ family owned wineries are worth purchasing and laying down in our personal cellars?

    • Rich (uc) says:

      You could just download Wineosphere and get free insight or use your WF sub like the rest of us..

      • Greco-Roman says:

        I’ll definitely consider it if I ever ‘upgrade’ from Android to iOS. In the mean time, I’ll just use WF just like everybody else. Since I got 4 of these in my mixed case, I’m certainly not complaining. Heaven forbid I ever end up drinking some sort of latter day equivalent of Lora wine like the rest of those ‘mugs’ out there.

        • Gary Walsh says:

          We’re talking about what you might call ‘elite’ wines here, not just good quality drinking and/or cellaring wine. i.e. most people who drink wine don’t give a shit about this sort of thing. Could not care less. Think we are insane. I’m talking about the top of the top here. People who are interested enough seek knowledge/learn…they don’t moan about it, generally.

  39. anthony basilone says:

    you’re such a snob Gary

  40. Glenn says:

    These wines and this wonderful family owned company founded and maintained on traditional values of honesty, integrity and loyalty to all they interact with are a shining light of not only the Australian wine landscape, but to who we are as a nation.

    We should all aspire to achieve with our family what the Tyrrell’s have, generation after generation, with the same hard work, dedication and care. Australia would be an even more amazing place if we did.

    I’m certainly proud to have more Tyrrell’s wines cellared than any other producer and even more proud to let the wines speak for themselves when I bring them out to share with family and friends. What makes each occassion extra special though is the unique Australian Story that accompanies each mouthful. These people are legends and the wines, at every price point, are legendary!

  41. James says:

    Beautiful pure nose. Has a herbal/mulchy/earthy character I love in good syrah/shiraz. On the palate has a richness and density but not overblown. Much more weight than any other 4 acres I have had. Nice balance.
    Bit hard to tell but think in time the length and width of this wine will be enormous.
    Pretty bloody good. Will drink over next few nights

  42. James says:

    Finished bottle tonight. Drank over 3 nights. Beautiful wine, great balance and purity. Might get shot for saying so but this is great to drink now.

    • Michael Mueller says:

      No reason to be shot. As much as I tend to concur with the drinking windows of GW and CM, the fact that MB invariably starts his windows in the year the wine is/was released is not lost on me. Whilst some wines are virtually certain to improve (if developing complexity is your version of improvement), there’s a lot to be said for savouring the fruit purity of wines on their release. Wines are invariably released when the winemakers think they are ready to drink. Ready/At peak not the same thing.

      Out of interest, James, was there a particular night you enjoyed it the most?

    • Jules says:

      It’s definitely great to drink now, especially 24+ hours after opening. I would find it VERY hard to keep my hands off.

  43. James says:

    Day 3 was the best
    Enjoyed from the start, but day 2 had with a few other wines which I don’t think is the best way to drink this wine. It is a wine to drink on its own (and on your own so you don’t have to share it 🙂 )

  44. Gary Walsh says:

    It’s a one year old Shiraz and a cellaring style. I’m a big one for the ready-to-drink-anytime school of red but think this is a HUGE waste of potential.

    • Michael Mueller says:

      Yes, I’m sure I agree, but I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on something when I don’t try the young incarnation of a wine I’m cellaring. Yardstick etc. Usually I don’t cellar six of anything, so I keep the curiosity under wraps.

      But I’ve got six 4A coming – a wine of legendary reputation – that I’ve never had the chance to try! (Not this vintage, not ANY vintage. Ever.) The thought of waiting until sometime next decade until I try even one is an agonising prospect. Like a the proverbial virginal teen, I’m feeling one heck of an urge to take matters into my own hands…

      • Dave55 says:

        I’ve had the 07 as a six year old and it was still disco pants … Amazing wine though – sooooo good but sooooooo much potential. I’ve only got 3 of the ’14 so I’ll resist but if I had 6 I reckon I’d give one a whirl within the first 6 mths. I’d probably let it sit for at least a week or so to avoid a risk of bottle shock from transport though.

  45. James says:

    But Gary it has fruit purity, density, great balance with beautiful tannin structure so I was more than happy to take one for the team 🙂

  46. Gary Walsh says:

    Yes. I try pretty much everything I put in the cellar.

  47. Filby says:

    I have one bottle of 2006. Each time i open the wine fridge the temptation is there !!

    • qwertt says:

      I had one bottle a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know how it will develop further, but the bottle I had was sensational. Light bodied but ethereal with enormous length and still with primary fruits. Fantastic wine. Not sure how it would go with food; it seems such and experience by itself.

  48. James says:

    Just read on the label matured in 4 year old 2700L barrel. I hope there are other winemakers out there who can grasp that you can get a 98 point wine with minimal oak influence. Just about all Australian wine I drink would be a better drink with less oak. Congratulations Tyrrells on making a sensational wine based on the quality of the fruit with minimal oak.

  49. Nestor says:

    Just bought 1 bottle for the cellar.. Woot!

  50. Mike Bennie says:

    My stash finally arrived this week. Chris Tyrrell showed me this wine really young before it had seen sulphur, when it was in the big old barrels – I remember it so well. It felt so unforced, but so delicious, but so impressive in youth to show already such detail and structure. The wines I got I set most aside for cellar, but opened one tonight. The best young Hunter Valley wine I’ve tried, and, one of the best young Australian wines I’ve tried, and, possibly one of the best young wines overall I have tried – a genuine benchmark here. Such control, flow, tension, mineral-rich tannins, layered of flavour and aroma in fruit, and, impossible length. Finesse and interest; a beautiful wine of high drinkability but impressive architecture. Just so good to drink. So so good.

    • MichaelC says:

      So good on your cereal. So good as a drink. I have resisted the temptation to open one andhhave shifted them to the external cellar.

      • Mike Bennie says:

        I opened this where I keep my long term cellar (far enough from home to not be convenient enough). I nearly went back and got another bottle. I did leave another one at home…just in case… So good is the reason why, so good is so good.

        • chris tyrrell says:

          Very kind words. Thanks Mike.. Am about to make a few people’s day on Monday when we call the people on the waiting list and offer the last few six packs to them.

          • knoxinus says:

            I’m keen Chris! I wasn’t told there was a waiting list. I’m keen as beans for this wine. I’ll flick an e-mail to Tyrrell’s.

          • danieljagic says:

            Yeah, I think most of this forum is interested!

            If there are ANY bottles floating around…

          • discoduckglue says:

            In the unlikely event of getting a bottle I’ve also sent an email. I really must join the wine club.

            Chris. There was some discussion about holding a tasting at Adelaide. Did that ever eventuate and if not is it still an event being considered?

          • Santenay09 says:

            I didn’t know there was a waiting list either, but am a private bin member – even one stray bottle would make my day!

  51. shurford says:

    Chris, Mike or Gary,
    Lucky enough to have some bottles of 7 different 2014 Tyrrells Reds (4A, Johnnos, Old Patch, Vat 9, Stevens, Old Hut & NVC) and am going to try one of each with some friends next week. Not having tasted any of these wines yet can you suggest an order of serving or should I just serve them in a random order?

    • Jules says:

      Hi Shurford, I’ve tried all of them, together at once, a couple of times.

      If you really want to get to know them, before going near lunch I’d allow plenty of time to look at a good amount of each of the wines. 1-2 hours will let you see some evolution in the glasses.

      I’d also look at them in two brackets: 1st NVC, Hut, Stevens, then the other four in the second bracket.

      Do whatever you can to have four glasses for each taster, so each taster can look at each wine in each bracket at the same time, and be able to go back and forth at their leisure. For me, this is much more important than a tasting order.

      Simply extend the exercise over lunch.

      Most importantly, don’t share with too many people! 🙂

  52. James says:


    I have tried most of them. I would serve them in order of oak barrel age. Its written on most of the labels how old the barrels are. Oldest oak first, newest last which would make the 4 acres first. Personally I would be trying the 4 acres before any food to fully appreciate the complexity.

  53. muppet says:

    Just managed to get one bottle into my hot little hands! I wonder what the chances are of me ever being offered this wine again – I am a private bin member but not a big spender. Shame, this is the one wine I have cellared every year since 2005, and would continue.

  54. chris tyrrell says:

    Interesting… After reading some of the comments in this thread i went and checked how many people did not take this wine who had a standing order. the reasons are normally it’s too expensive, moved house, got divorced, no room left, don’t like the wine etc etc.. It was actually a whopping 8% of the total production of this wine. So there is always going to be room each vintage for the people on the waiting list to get a crack at these wines. Old Patch is also very close to being fully allocated. I would imagine the next step is to cut back the people who have multiple dozens in their standing order back to one.

    • Brent says:

      I keep thinking there has to be a better way.
      My standing order WAS a doz of this but changed it for a mix this year prior to the reviews – does that mean I can’t change it back next year as there is now a waiting list for this wine??
      When I think of the better way I’ll let you know!

    • qwertt says:


      Will there be any 4 acres and old patch from 2015?

    • discoduckglue says:

      Hi Chris, when you say Old Patch is close to fully allocated. I recently joined the Private Bin club. Included in my order was either one or two Old Patch (I forget now) and was told that it is sold out. So I opted for Vat 9 instead. Os it sold out and if ao is there a waiting list?

      • chris tyrrell says:

        Hi, The remaining Old Patch that wasn’t fully allocated sold out very quickly, this was mostly taken up by current members buying more after tasting it as well as new members who purchased it.

  55. Gary Walsh says:

    Just opened another bottle to benchmark alongside another dozen 2014 Hunter Shiraz. This absolutely SMOKED them all. Different class. Next best on ground 14 De Iuliis Steven. The Pepper Tree Tallawanta and Coquun a bit flat and oaky by comparison.

    • discoduckglue says:

      Depression setting in. Yep, it’s definately depression 🙂
      Oh well got a Vat 9, perhaps on retasting that will smoke the 4 Acres haha.

      • Meataxe says:

        Best thing to do is to not bother about these 4 Acres/Serrat SV wines.

        There’s always another vintage and other wines. Oceans of great wine out there to be discovered/purchased.

        • discoduckglue says:

          Oh yes I agree entirely. I am a little fixated on this wine simply because It is one of my favoirite wines fullstop. I had an 09 recently and it was just spectacular.

          Wine to me is a little like travel. Yes you have a few favourite holiday spots but exploration is what it’s really about.

          • MichaelC says:

            Thought about putting it on your standing order then? :).

            Not to worry. There’s plenty of other interesting things out there. Fish in oceans. Buses around the corner, etc.

            • discoduckglue says:

              Yes it’s on the standing order now MC. I only just became a private bin member a few weeks ago after 3-4 years of intending to but never getting around to it.
              Good intentions but lack of action are a dominant character trait of mine. Every few months I’ll have a brilliant Tyrrell’s wine and think Geez I really must sign up but then I see a squirrel or something and get distracted.

              Yes plenty of great wines, justifying the spend is the difficult part.

  56. Adair says:

    Seriously though, it is not as if there is much in the 2014 4 Acres that you couldn’t get in a, say, top vintage of Rousseau Chambertin. Just saying! 🙂

    • discoduckglue says:

      Cheers Adair, I’ll grab a 6 pack of those instead. I was going for a housing loan, I could always just use it for wine.

      Sometimes I wish my palate was still blown away by a Torzi Matthew Schist Rock. The better wines you drink the more expensive the habit becomes.

      I do have a few 06 and 09 in the cellar so will just have to do until I can buy/swap/steal a 14 from somewhere haha.

  57. chris tyrrell says:

    Hello all…
    It seems as though a few of our members have gone missing on this one and have opted out.. have a few six packs now available.. email on ctyrrell@tyrrells.com.au if you’re interested.

  58. No. 1 says:

    At the tastings I suggested “4 acres disco pants” as a merchandising opportunity. The response from Chris wasn’t overly enthusiastic.

  59. danieljagic says:

    I would LOVE a crack at this. Email sent and fingers and toes crossed. 🙂

  60. theporkrail says:

    Fingers crossed as well!!!

  61. Walshy says:

    Email sent, hope I am not too late.

  62. theporkrail says:

    No luck for me either
    Oh well can’t win em all

  63. john pearce says:

    On the upside, my mixed dozen of 2014’s arrived last week.
    3x this, Old Patch, Vat 9 and Johnnos.
    Will diarise for 2025 to crack one.

  64. shurford says:

    Saw this on a restaurant wine list at $170 on the weekend. Wasn’t tempted and wondered who would pay such money to consume such a young wine?

  65. cliff gregory says:

    I thought that was the price for a bottle of water at Rockpool and Quay. 🙂

  66. Gary Walsh says:

    Tried another bottle last night. Superb. Unbelievable length and purity of fruit. 98 no problems. Candidate for 98 plus. Better stop using them for benchmark tastings ;} will drink rest at a bbq – party tonight.

    • Jules says:

      I feel very lucky to have had a couple of goes at this wine, and got a bit of a handle on its class. Didn’t get to buy any but I’ll probs end up just grabbing some at auction, no matter the price.

      • macnuggets says:

        Jules I bought a couple of bottles of the 2007 at auction very recently with the same thought in mind. I probably paid over the odds but I did not want to miss out.

  67. Wayne Liddle says:

    Haha. How many bottles left?

  68. Barney says:

    Righteo – here’s a quiz question – could be a no-brainer for some patrons of this site – but let’s see – several candidates come to mind…

    Quote Wine-Searcher on Tyrrell’s 4A:

    “This is the second most highly rated New South Wales wine (based on critic scores)”

    Link follows and look under tab: “Details, Scores & Price History”


    Quiz question: What is the most highly rated???

    Hint: There is a slight trick to the answer…
    Also: More fun if you post your best guess before you check on WS.

  69. Barney says:

    OK, OK – very quick Jimmy – well done – perhaps not hard enough… 😉
    For the next quiz question let’s swap across to Cullen Diana Madeline – also receiving a bit of comment lately – which Wine-Searcher says:

    “…is among the top 10 most highly rated Margaret River wines (based on critic scores)”

    I’ll post the obvious question over on that thread, and then I promise I won’t post any more quiz questions!

  70. john pearce says:

    Tell me CM… I bought 3 on the blind.

  71. Filby says:

    Potential for some double takes on the 2014 Tyrrells CM ?

    • discoduckglue says:

      Not that it really matters anymore but a big like dor this idea. I would actually like to see a
      Policy of a double take for all wines rated 97 and above. Limited to new releases and setting aside the really obscure oddities.

  72. redrich2000 says:

    Is availability of the 4A usually limited to members who have it on their standing order?

  73. wineperson says:

    Was up there on the w/e.

    It always amazes me how unassuming the 4 Acres vineyard really is. Just next to the cellar door basically, with all the cars and tourists driving past every day.

    The soil however is something else… the colour and consistency of the soil is amazing. It just looks like perfect wine growing earth.

  74. Gary Walsh says:

    I’ve tasted-drunk three of so too. It’s good. Why not. You may die next week.

  75. danieljagic says:

    Don’t drink them all! I am depending on someone to put one on Langtons so I can have a shot at it…

  76. redrich2000 says:

    It’s actually not currently listed at all as an option for new private bin members. I guess either it’s fully subscribed or they want to make it available only to members who’ve been with them some time?

    • chris tyrrell says:

      Hi there.. yep it’s been fully subscribed since about 6 months before the release of the 2014. We are working towards a few things at the moment in regards to waiting lists, x number of bottles limit etc etc so by the time the 2016 comes out (no 2015 unfortunately) we’ll have a good system in place.

  77. Gylesey says:

    Reckon you might have just caused a stampede shurford.

  78. Gary Walsh says:

    Just smashed 2 bottles in the cellar. That felt good then…

  79. Barney says:

    Oh Jesus wept!

  80. Gylesey says:

    He’d have done more than weep, probably would have dropped a few F-bombs I’d say. Even he couldn’t turn water into THIS wine.

  81. Gary Walsh says:

    Swearing was more impressive than a Tourettes conference.

  82. anthony basilone says:

    Strawberries to swine

  83. johnshumphrey says:

    GW – appalling news. Didn’t have anything to do with lunch did it?

  84. Wayne Liddle says:

    I have taken many slips catches with wines flying out of my wine fridges when I’m moving things around. That’s what happens with so many different shaped bottles. Only a matter of time before I drop one. Hopefully not a special wine.

  85. Gary Walsh says:

    No. No lunch. Box at very top of cellar. 5 bottles. Pulled out to put 6th in. They went flying. Hands caught 3 bottles…

  86. Wayne Liddle says:

    I think I would take a body blow for the 4 acres..

  87. Gary Walsh says:

    I was 6 foot up a ladder!!

  88. Wayne Liddle says:

    That would be tough. Il never have enough wine to be that high of the ground stacking my bottles.

  89. Filby says:

    Shane Watson effort in slips

  90. johnshumphrey says:

    Fabulous effort to save 3 bottles! Many of us would have lost the lot. On the plus side it could have been Latour

  91. Gary Walsh says:

    My budget only stretches to second growths these days :}

  92. Bruce Philip says:

    I’m with Wayne, but terrible nonetheless. Did you get the chance to use your feet to cushion the blow, channel the inner football (soccer) player!?

  93. DaveS says:

    By ‘smashed’ I thought you meant you drank then quickly. Gee, I’d have to take the week off work to get over that one.

  94. Chris says:

    I’ve only had one fatality in the cellar and that was a ’96 Wynns black label recently. It still smells bloody fantastic in there but the oak still needs time to come together…

  95. wineperson says:

    Saw a ’67 Yquem get dropped and smashed once….

    You’ve never seen so many sommeliers willing to forego the threat of glass in their wine to try and salvage some of that sweet nectar.

    Although nowhere near as bad as the newly hired vineyard helper who bulldozed 150 year old vines at a very well known Victorian winery. Supposedly they looked ‘dead’.

  96. Dave55 says:

    Haven’t broken any myself but sent some home with my parents to store ‘offsite’ and they hit a big pothole and somehow a bottle in a carton still got broken – happened to be the most expensive of what I’d sent back – a Dead Arm. Mum {who knows nothing about wine} remarked that it smelt pretty good!

  97. johnshumphrey says:

    New regulations should be introduced – you can only store wines with a tWf rating of 97plus or greater above head night in a cellar that has a floor which has carpet on rubber underlay.

  98. theporkrail says:

    Is that for real!!

  99. Michael Mueller says:

    Well, this is quite something. In the same way that I remember where I was when I heard that Princess Diana died, I’ll remember this.

    It has a presence that fairly leaps from the glass like a droplet in reverse. It’s got a jubey, red-fruit vibe, but with a vigorous herbal undercurrent that reminds you, this is a serious wine. A seriously good wine. Sage. Rosemary. Secrets.

    It’s like quicksilver. You look at it; it changes. Fizzes and hums across the palate. Never puts a foot wrong. It’s a cube without corners. (Yeah, I don’t know how that works, either, but I’m drinking it right now.)

    A lot of wanky shit gets written about wine, but sometimes, you’ve just got to roll with it. Let it take you where it takes you, and to hell with the carpers. This is a wine that reminds me of a young Tendulkar; prodigious, with a future ahead of it that few will ever see.

    It is/will be that good. Have 7 left. They’ll be rationed out over my best projections of however much life I still have to come.

    Best young wine I’ve ever had.

  100. Quaffer says:

    Do we know if a 2015 is being made?

  101. chris tyrrell says:

    Also – Yes there will be a 2016, It looked very good in our classification last week.

  102. xander90 says:

    For those visiting the hunter and wishing to try this, had a bottle at restaurant Botanica last night. Great to experience this special wine finally

  103. TiggerK says:

    Wonder how many bottles they have, a convoy of WF Sydneysiders are on their way up, hope they’re open Sundays!

    Fantastic review and op-ed, always enjoy reading again. GW at his best here IMHO.

    So wish I didn’t have to wait 15+ years to drink this…. but patience is a virtue.

  104. Gary Walsh says:

    On the {all new} list at Aria. $190. Great list too.
    One minute Guttarolo Anfora, the next Mount Mary Quintet

  105. xander90 says:

    was $150 at Botanica in the Hunter. Thought it reasonable value considering what it would probably go for at auction

  106. Matt Haddock says:

    (Im)Patiently waiting for this year’s release. Always a good day when the winefront lads do their Tyrrell’s dance….can disco pants b topped this year?

  107. TiggerK says:

    Got an email yesterday saying I was allowed 3 more 4 Acres on my allocation if I wanted….

    Yes, I wanted.

    Pretty sure it was fully allocated anyway though, increasing production somehow??

  108. jim veljanovski says:

    If any one else gets a similar email and don’t need any more, I will be happy take any spares.

  109. MichaelC says:

    Didn’t get any email, so sent Tyrrell’s one. Curiously my order history only has one order (obviously not correct), so maybe those Private Bin members who have frequent orders recorded got the offer. I usually just get 4 of the 4 Acres, but wouldn’t mind increasing to 6 as it’s a birth year.

  110. MichaelC says:

    No Old Patch or Johnno’s for 2016 according to a chat I had with CD staff. Might be a few more 4 Acres to go around, but no promises. There will be a Stevens and Old Patch obviously went into that.

  111. Jules says:

    @TiggerK: perhaps CT’s thought above is coming to fruition:

    “I would imagine the next step is to cut back the people who have multiple dozens in their standing order back to one.”

  112. luca says:

    is it too much to hope that this mythical beast has been sighted on a Melbourne wine list?

  113. Mike Bennie says:

    Doesn’t go to on premise unless an owner of restaurant buys personally and adds to a list {like Wendouree in some respects}

  114. alpark says:

    Woot!!!! Confirmed for 3 bottles of 4 Acres a year from now on. Happy, happy days.

  115. discoduckglue says:

    Just out of interest Tyrrell’s compare the 2017 to the 2007 vintage so lets hope the 17 4 Acres is as good as the 07.

    It seems from the little that I’ve read that 2016 was quite tough for reds. I think the Tyrrell’s blog mentioned 2016 4 Acres appears to be a little like 04 meets 06. I loved the 04 but kept finding the 06 to have a rubbery smoke smell that just wouldn’t blow off. Fingers crossed the 16 is a cracker though.


    • Gary Walsh says:

      Tasting them next month I believe. Always late May, early June.
      I have a standing order for 3x4A and 3xOld Patch. It’s usually pretty economical, because it’s pretty rare that they are BOTH released from the same vintage! 07, 09, 14 (suspect 17) where that happened.

    • Mike Bennie says:

      Having tasted 17s fresh from the cask, there’s some seriously exciting looking stuff to come. But hey, that’s early early days of course. 17 whites look like they will be outstanding from most.

    • MichaelC says:

      Had the 2006 a while back. Not my absolute favourite either. The rubbery smoke thing is wine making I’d venture and not vintage specific, so should have no bearing on the 2016 version. Hopefully!

      Got quite a few vinocidal 2007 cellar sneaks peaks in the weaks ahead for the Hunteristes, so stay tuned. Will hopefully put the first up today.

  116. MichaelC says:

    Anyone with a heads up on Tyrrell’s 2016 reds? Only Vat 9, Stevens anbd Old Hut available. 4 Acres unsurprisingly fully allocated.

  117. Filby says:

    Hi Gary – are the 2016 reds on the tasting bench by any chance?

  118. Filby says:

    Oops just saw your above post re early June. My bad.

  119. Gazelle says:

    3 bottles of this on Langton’s went for $237 each tonight. That’s $276.11 each after the buyer’s premium. Ouch!

  120. Dave says:

    WoW that is crazy. Deep pockets for sure

  121. Dave says:

    Think there is a single bottle at MW this auction.

  122. Dave says:

    Hey Gary did u ever get around to posting a review of the 1990 Chateau Pichon-Longueville au Baron de Pichon-Longueville Pauillac ?

  123. tonsta says:

    Gary et al.

    My wife and I are heading to Aria on Saturday night and have ‘reserved’ a bottle of this. Should we get them to decant it ahead of our dinner (at 8:30pm) or just pop-n-pour?


    • chris tyrrell says:

      Definitely get them to decant it!

      • tonsta says:

        Thanks Chris.

        I’m pretty excited about trying one without having to tuck into my precious six pack 😉

        How long would you recommend decanting it for?

        BTW had a 2009 4 Acres on Saturday night in anticipation and it was STUNNING! Best wine decision I’ve made joining your PB club a decade ago!!!


  124. EvanS says:

    I’m going to open a bottle of this when my brother visits next month. I know it’s early but life’s short etc and I’ve got a couple more bottles in the cellar. Any advice Gary (or anyone else) on how long I should decant it beforehand? I see some people have srunk it over a few nights; I’ve never much enjoyed a red wine on the second day but maybe this is the exception?

  125. colinwr says:

    Evan…either that’s one hell of a big decanter or you are particularly small !!

  126. Filby says:

    Hi Gary – I remembered your post from a while back. Re arranging the off site cellar when a stack of boxes tips over. 1 of 2 4 acres 2014 gone. 2 of 2 2011 4 acres and 2 of 4 2014 old patch gone I can now sympathise. Took a 2006 4 acres to the tyrrells dinner this week. Stocks now shredded.

    • BBPP says:

      Prior to reading this, The Road (Cormac McCarthy) was the saddest thing I had read.

      • Cactus says:

        Gutted. So sorry to hear. I was taking stuff into the offsite and a couple of boxes threatened to tip and 1 did. Thankfully the smashed bottle was just a majella cab sav rather than some Houghtons Jack Mann next to it. If you ever get off on the mezzanine level at Artarmon Kennards and look at why there is stained concrete after the lift. That was me.

  127. Filby says:

    So I best not mention the st Henri 2012.

  128. Filby says:

    My bill from kennards has not yet arrived but they advised they will charge me steam cleaning for the minor carpet stains in the wine storage room where wine seeped out of locker. Nothing like kicking you when you are down.


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