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Mildara Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 The last days of vintage. 2018. A visit to Taminick Cellars. Photo-gallery. Test: Repour Grenache Project 17 Grosset Wines Retrospective 2017 Penfolds G3 launched New wind blows at Thousand Candles Nineteen Eighty-Four: Californian Cabernet Australia The Barossa Cellar: Major build for the Barossa Valley Coriole Shiraz: 25 vintages of an Australian classic Australia’s Most Expensive Wines: $250 Pinot Noir from Yering Station joins the fray All the latest from Cape Mentelle Adam
mildara cabernet art TWF

Mildara Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

It doesn’t happen every day. Indeed it’s only happened a few times in the 16 year history of The Winefront, and two of those times it happened because of the same source. A wine was flicked my way, by post, off the bat of a subscriber. No affiliations, no barrows, just a wine lover who […]

24 acres of 99-year-old vines. What an incredible resource. Essentially unique in Victorian wine terms.

The last days of vintage. 2018. A visit to Taminick Cellars. Photo-gallery.

I live nearby to the historic Booth’s Taminick Cellars winery. I have for over a decade. And yet I’d never made it all the way down the dirt road to visit before. Shame on me. I finally did one morning late last week. I took some pics. The Taminick Cellars vineyard boasts, quite incredibly, about […]

repour packet

Test: Repour

On February 28 I opened a bottle of the lovely Punt Road Gamay 2017 in among a vast number of other wines. I immediately wanted to stop tasting and just drink it, but alas life wasn’t on my side. I would tip it. And move to the next wine. Or normally I would, except that […]

grenache project duval single bottle

Grenache Project 17 – A celebration of single vineyard grenache

All manner of groups have proposed a collective yet individual approach to a winemaking schemata, but by my reckoning none so far where a single vineyard of grenache has been explored through the lens of six, diverse winemakers. New territory is being broken.   


Grosset Wines Retrospective 2017 – a tasting of riesling and cabernets

Earlier in 2017, Jeffrey Grosset hosted an intimate session showcasing current releases and a slew of back vintage wine. The presentation was accompanied by some candid home snaps and a detailed explanation of sites and vintages, but perhaps most telling was the candid home pictures, included one of Grosset in his first, own winery, bearded, […]

penfolds G3 beauty

Penfolds G3 launched

It’s not so much three bottles of Grange for the price of one as one bottle of Grange for the price of three. It’s a blend of Australia’s most famous blend. It’s an NV red wine, in a heavy bottle, for $3000 a pop. Everything about it is wrong save for three things: rarity, prestige, […]

thousand candles redone

New wind blows at Thousand Candles

It was the best of stories. It was the worst of stories. Thousand Candles launched with a grand vision and an even grander vineyard and the perfect team of people to execute it. It had a beautifully-designed label, the hottest winemaker in the country at the time – Bill Downie – and a viticulturist as […]

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.04.55

Nineteen Eighty-Four: Californian Cabernet

Decanter magazine reported of the 1984 Californian harvest, “This was one of those rare too good to be true vintages that was big in size and ranged from good to excellent in quality. The harvest was early due to a hot spell that kicked it off and a long period warm weather followed to keep harvesters […]


Australia’s Best Grenache? Yangarra Estate High Sands Grenache 2010-2014

Yangarra’s High Sands Grenache has been a star performer over the years (see all our reviews here) but the stunning quality of the just-released 2014 made us stop and think. Is this Australia’s Best Grenache? A recent chance to taste a complete set of this benchmark Grenache was the perfect way to dig deeper. What is now […]

The Barossa Cellar render

The Barossa Cellar: Major build for the Barossa Valley

It’s a great initiative, and step forward. The Barossa Valley plans to build an independent, globally recognised, regional wine museum. The Barossa Cellar, as it will be known, has been a dream of (the) Barons of Barossa for many years. With over $2.0M cash, pledges and in-kind donations already ‘in the bank’, it now looks […]

75722142 - winery vineyard and silhouette of vines on dusk featuring rows of vines, grapes or sultanas on wire. filmed mildura, victoria.

Coriole Shiraz: 25 vintages of an Australian classic

Coriole Shiraz, I’m pretty sure, is a staple of many Australian wine cellars. I was lucky enough to taste through twenty five vintages at Coriole’s beautiful winery on a fine autumn day in April 2017. I first visited Coriole back in 1995, and have something of a history with their Shiraz. I can recall tasting […]

yering station scarlett pinot noir

Australia’s Most Expensive Wines: $250 Pinot Noir from Yering Station joins the fray

The price of Australia’s most prestigious wines – either by self-design or by sheer quality – is on a fast march. We have now reached a point where the extraordinary has become ordinary, or at least the new normal. A list of Australia’s Most Expensive Wines now makes for quite remarkable reading. Price has long been a […]

cape mentelle grapes

All the latest from Cape Mentelle

Just finished looking through the latest releases from Cape Mentelle and the range is looking in remarkably strong shape. All the individual wines are reviewed to the site but they are gathered here as a suite. The reviews below are from both Gary Walsh and I, denoted by our initials. PHOTO courtesy Cape Mentelle/Frances Andrijich.

adam wadewitz

Adam’s Era: Profile of winemaker Adam Wadewitz

Winemaker Adam Wadewitz is the latest star to join the Shaw & Smith team. Get set for another blast of quality releases. —— First published in Halliday Magazine in 2014. Written by Campbell Mattinson. Successful wineries are like successful relationships. They’re never accidental. They’re the result of a lot of good decisions taken over a […]


Cascina Fontana Barolo 2013

22 June 2018

A blend of Castiglione Falletto and some La Morra this year. I just love 2013: it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I bought three of this, and three of the new Comune di Castiglione Falletto. Importer: Red + White

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chaffey la resistance blue

Chaffey Bros Wine Co Presents Battle For Barossa La Resistance! 2016

22 June 2018

Barossa blend of grenache, syrah and mourvèdre. Ready when you are.

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taylors jaraman pinot noir

Taylors Jaraman Pinot Noir 2016

22 June 2018

I only think I’ve seen one Jaraman Pinot Noir before, and it was from the Adelaide Hills, which makes sense. This though is from the Yarra Valley, strangely enough, for this champion of South Australian wine.

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port phillip morillon pinot noir

Port Phillip Estate Morillon Pinot Noir 2016

22 June 2018

Single block pinot noir from Mornington.

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Produttori del Barbaresco Montefico Riserva 2013

21 June 2018

I ordered some Montestefano (and Asili and Rabaja) from the smokers at Boccaccio, and they sent Montefico. No problem , I’m happy, and the service there is always outstanding.  Importer: Enoteca Sileno

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Cascina Delle Rose Barbaresco Tre Stelle 2014

21 June 2018

While 2014 is not a uniformly good vintage, not least in Barolo, Barbaresco did pretty well. Importer: Nebbia Wines

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Tenuta di Aglaea Bianco 2016

21 June 2018

This is Carricante from Etna, grown at 750m ASL As an aside, at a wild-arsed guess, I’d say around 30% of the samples I receive are imports (mostly Italian) these days; how things change. Italian dry whites are still a little undersung to my way of thinking. Importer: Beaune & Beyond.

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natural wine co shiraz

Natural Wine Co Shiraz 2017

21 June 2018

Organically grown. No preservatives added. It’s from the Central Ranges of NSW though it would be more poetic if it was from the Orange region. In any case, it’s a pretty cheeky play. I’m not sure who’s behind it though Jason O’Dea is mentioned as the grower/vigneron.

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claymore london calling cabernet

Claymore London Calling Cabernet Malbec 2016

21 June 2018

Cabernet sauvignon and malbec from the principle regional exponent of this classic blend: the Clare Valley.

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wolf blass black label

Wolf Blass Black Label 2014

21 June 2018

Wolf Blass Black Label. 57% Barossa Valley, 28% McLaren Vale, 15% Langhorne Creek. 51% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44% Shiraz, 5% Malbec. Twenty months in 61% new oak, almost all of it French. From the press release: “Since 1973, the chase to make the perfect wine has been fundamental to creating 42 remarkable vintages of Black Label.” I do like that […]

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Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.52.58

Ricca Terra Farms Bullets Before Cannonballs 2017

21 June 2018

Tempranillo, nero d’Avola, negroamaro and lagrein – all together as one. “What we are trying to do with these is plant the varieties together and then picked all together and ferment all together”, explains the affable Ashley Ratcliff. What an amazing thing he is doing for the industrial-growing focussed Riverland. If only other followed suit, […]

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Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.48.52

Ricca Terra Farms The Marathon Man 2017

21 June 2018

Cabernet, merlot and a little bit of durif. Aiming to produce a wine of some impact and flavour. Those in the know know that Ashley Ratcliff, viticulturist and now producer of this own wine label, is a very enthusiastic long distance runner. Maybe also an homage to the mid 70s Dustin Hoffman flick too, but […]

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Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.42.32

Ricca Terra First & Final 2017

21 June 2018

This is the first and final time this wine will exist, and ongoing, that is the gist of the wine label – the gist is, the label will house a one-off of each vintage. Geddit? “So I thought this year refosco by the Chalmers family, with nero d’avola, montepulciano and lagrein would be good”, says […]

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Roccheviberti Barolo Rocche di Castiglione 2013

20 June 2018

The luxuriantly bearded Sam Barry sent these in, part of a new range of imports from the stalwart Clare Valley producer. And my oh my, what a vertiginous vineyard this one is! You’d need big Rocches to go up and down it. Importer: Jim Barry Imports

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Cascina Pugnane SS Dei F Lli Ghisolfi Barolo Bussia 2013

20 June 2018

Tasted at the winery (this review), and more recently at the far more glamorous MBTF in Newtown, Sydney. I may have made an off-colour joke about the winery name and a famous Jamaican dancehall song by Yellowman… Importer: Giorgio de Maria Fun Wines

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Woods Crampton Frances & Nicole Eden Valley Shiraz 2016

20 June 2018

Tasted alongside the 2016 Eden Valley Shiraz so I could find out what an extra $30 or $40 gets you.

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Woods Crampton Eden Valley Shiraz 2016

20 June 2018

A very reliable wine, which for the last few vintages has been ‘Three Vineyards’, but is now happily single again. Or so I’d assume.

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Woods Crampton White Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

20 June 2018

A new entrant for Woods Crampton, I suspect, and to disambiguate it from the other Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve added ‘White Label’ to its name.

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wolf blass brown label shiraz

Wolf Blass Brown Label Shiraz 2015

20 June 2018

It’s now labelled as Classic Brown Label and it comes complete with a beautiful – in the eye of this beholder – retro label. It’s shiraz from the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek regions.

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wolf blass grey label cabernet shiraz

Wolf Blass Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz 2016

20 June 2018

Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Matured in both French and American oak these days.

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